Welcome to bdHub Ltd.

bdHUB is formed to address the growing need for reliable International Internet Gateway (IIG) and provide IP Transit services to the large number of ISPs, BWAs and other ANS operators in Bangladesh. In line with ILDTS Policy 2010 and the government?s mission to build Digital Bangladesh by 2021, bdHUB sees its self as a leading player in the Internet communication sphere. With leading player in the Internet communication sphere. With the advent of more the advent of more Submarine Cable System and International Terrestrial Cable our end customers.

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Latest News :

  • bdHUB now peer with Team Cymru for BGP BOGONS filtering. For further please check http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/Bogons/bgp.html
  • bdHUB extend there infrastructre in Narangonj.
  • bdHUB launch there new website at http://www.as58656.net
  • bdHUB, proud sponsor of SANOG XXI.
  • bdHUB extend there infrastructre in Sylhet.

Quality We Provide

Simple Flexibility Affordable

Our services and solutions are easy to access and hassle free. Our customers do not need sophisticated knowledge and technical ability.

Developing innovative services and solutions that are flexible, customizable to suit every customers need.

Our products are almost always low cost. We believe Internet is for all.